Acting Credits

Shaun Duke Moosekian


Sympathy for Delicious Co-Star, Directed by Mark Ruffalo
Sideways Co-Star, Directed by Alexander Payne
Hanging Up Co-Star, Directed by Diane Keaton
Stigmata Co-Star, Directed by Rupert Wainright
Housewives, The Cast Album Supporting Lead, Directed by Chris Elliott

90210 Recurring CW
Terriers Guest Star FX
The Mentalist Guest Star CBS
Flash Forward Guest Star ABC
Prison Break Guest Star Recurring FOX
Lie To Me Guest Star FOX
The Unit Guest Star Recurring CBS
What About Brian Guest Star Recurring ABC
Alias Guest Star Recurring ABC
The O.C. Guest Star Recurring FOX
The High Life Series Regular HBO
NCIS Guest Star USA
The Shield Guest Star FOX
The Agency Guest Star Recurring CBS
Dragnet Guest Star ABC
24 Guest Star FOX
ER (2 episodes) Guest Star CBS
Get a Life (2 episodes) Guest Star FOX

The Long Christmas Ride Home Dad Stuart Rogers
Autobahn Merge Alex Mann
Names Elia Kazan Adam Davidson
Burn This Pale Jeffrey Tambor

Accents/Dialects: Israeli, Arabic, Russian, All British Accents, Irish, Scottish, all European accents, Indian
Musician – Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Vocals